Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Batter Up

In general it was a quite week (not that I'm leading a hectic life these days).
Easter was nice, the morning started with coffee as usual followed by lots of chocolate offerings. That bunny sure knows the way to a girls heart. But I showed self control and didn't eat any peeps or chocolate for breakfast.

Waffles were the choice this morning, something in my 48 years I've never made myself. A great recipe was shared for a yummy dense oatmeal waffle.
So off I went , measuring and mixing, as the batter all came together  the shiny new waffle maker was preheating and getting ready to go.  In went the batter...down went the lid. With that a bit of steam rose, which according to manufactures book is "OK".

       The warm smell of the oatmeal and cinnamon filled the kitchen. And as the light turned from green to red and I knew they were done.

They turned out perfect, a bit crispy on the edges and soft in the middle. Oh so good and filling, some warm maple syrup, perfect....YUM.

It was another wonderful start to a sunday in Maine.

*stay tuned for my adventures ,the first week in April I'm stepping in as a farm hand while my friend is on vacation... chickens, ducks and geese... OH MY !

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  1. Home made waffles are the best!! I'm your newest follower - I found you via The Pyrex Collective - good luck with your blog.