Monday, August 19, 2013

A Reflection/Reminder

There are times I'm sure that we all have wondered what am I here to do? Why does this happen to me? And I'm sure there are many more questions we all have about our life and life in general.
I think I have and that I am still having a wonderful life and I have a wonderful family. My mother was so outgoing, funny and a very sparkly person, if you were lucky enough to know her you know exactly what I mean, sorry to say she died from cancer in 2004.... way to young and soon as far as I'm concerned. But I am lucky/blessed to still have so many other wonderful family members that I am grateful for.
I have also had wonderful love in my life, my husband was the life of the party and truly everyones friend, we enjoyed every minute of our 11 years together but he also passed away in 2010 from cancer. This was an extremely hard loss in my life but 3 years later I have been lucky/blessed to have meet another amazing man .
I have been lucky/blessed that cancer has not effected me physically but it has been something I have not only lost family to but also friends.  As you watch, wait and help out those you love fight this you sometimes forget about all the others, all the other people fighting the same fight.
I accompanied a friend to a radiation treatment recently and as we sat and chatted waiting to be called in for their appointment I kept looking around at the other faces.
A sea of men and women... many gray haired... many no haired.
Next to us sat a mom with her daughter who was maybe 10 years old. The mom with no left breast and that peach fuzz hair sat there waiting for her named to be called, just laughing and talking with her daughter. A man and his wife sat across...he had great hair, he was tan... looking very fit..and when they called a name it was his... looking to be the picture of health it was his treatment they were there for.
There were several older/maybe retired couples.. a few women dressed for work with lovely scarves tied around their heads.
We were called back for the appointment ... a smaller waiting room with area where you change into a gown before going in for the treatment. Many sat with little brown paper bags... which I came to find out was holding a hospital gown. The patients were asked to keep their gowns and reuse them if they were having a treatment over several days rather than using a new one each day they came in, I guess the hospitals version of being green.
Waiting to be called sat a young man , maybe late 20's full of tattoos on his arms. Just one more among an assortment of faces,ages, male/female, some familiar from the outside waiting room some not .
We all know there are no boundaries with cancer but sometimes we forget. We forget about all the others that are fighting the same fight as our loved ones.
Im not quite sure what my point is on all of this...all I know is that it touched me, effected me and I wanted to share.
Our lives sometimes are so busy, our focus is all about work, money, things. This is just a reminder to love and treasure your family and friends. Don't be afraid to make changes in your life, take a chance, let those you love know it . We all want things and to live a happy comfortable life but I have learned that things are just that, just things, they are replaceable but the lives of those lost to the fight cannot be replaced.
I know my experiences have had alot to do with my search for a simpler life, less rushed, less things, less complications.

I have found my simpler life and couldn't be happier.........  
Take a moment to reflect on your life, I hope you find yourself where you want to be.