Friday, April 12, 2013

The Farm Girl in me

What a week it was ... I helped out a friend by staying at her house (small farm) to keep any eye on things while she was off to a sunny island for a vacation. My duties included, 3 dogs (4 when you toss mine into the mix) , 1 cat with 8 kittens, 4 geese, many ducks and chickens and oh yeah, her 16 year old son.
So for all who know me this is all comes as no surprise, since my move to Maine I have done many things I never would have entertained a few years back. It wasn't too hard, cats and dogs - easy, kid-easy-make sure he goes to school and eats dinner .
Now for some barnyard fun ;

I like the mornings best... everyone is so happy when you open the doors to let them out. As I walk towards the barn I can hear all the roosters crowing, hens clucking... ducks quacking... it's a serenade of sorts. I love opening to doors to see them all pour out wings flapping, feet hitting the ground as they all hurry down the ramp. I would greet them all with a "Morning Ladies", hoping the males weren't offended.

Now this is the best part.... the egg hunt, I'll always be amazed and in awe of these kind of things. I grew up in the nice suburbs of Chicago.. eggs come in a carton right?, you don't gather them yourself. So there I would go, up the hill to the chicken coop...a little egg basket in hand ready to gather the morning harvest. Typically I was finding maybe a half dozen eggs daily and a dozen on one day.

Through out the day chickens , ducks and geese wander the farm... the geese love the little pool set up for them... grooming their lovely white fluffy feathers. Chickens and ducks... just roaming and picking at the ground for what ever chickens and ducks eat thats in the dirt. 

Evening would come and it was close to the same routine, feed and water everyone. It was interesting to watch, as dusk would fall you can watch them all gather up and go inside their coop/barn for the night just waiting for someone to close the doors and leave them all tucked in for the night. 

The week went well ... no casualties, including me (again for those who know me will recall the last time I was alone at the farm with Chris I fell and broke my ankle in 3 places).

Although one night it did look like a pretty good party was rocking in the hen house . 

"Nite Ladies"

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  1. I will never get tired of saying this; how the hell did you end up being the one on the farm? Ruffing it for you was Hotel room with out a bottle of wine! I love that you are experiencing all the things I loved as a kid and wish I could do more of today. Enjoy all the new wonders and love every new journey that this life is offering you.