Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Nose Knows

I have 2 cats and a dog,that being said .... I think I have a mouse in the house.
My cute little crazy dachshund Moose has taken to sitting in the bathroom for hours sniffing , eyes locked on the open space between the tub and sink.  I have seen no evidence of a mouse .... no pitter patter of little mouse food being broken into no droppings left behind. Yet Moose sits and waits, at times evens whines and whimpers.
So I have to question mouse or crazy Moose????? Is it possible that I have 2 cats who couldn't care less about a mouse? Could it be that they are at and age where they have no interest in hunting for their food and are just content to be feed by me. Are they hoping I catch the mouse and serve it up as Sunday suppa??
A few years back at my house in Illinois I did have a mouse, this was pre dog, and the cats did their cat job.
One evening I noticed that my cat Fudge was sitting on the kitchen counter staring at a basket that was holding a bag of chips. I picked up the bag and there it was a little mouse running in circles in the basket. As I lifted the basket the mouse jumped, I screamed and the cats went flying...... the mouse hit the floor and took off across the kitchen.

*My  2 cats
Oreo (on the right) - fluffy, loving, sweet, active, fit always wants to be out and around everyone. Fudge (on the left) - so sweet, very shy with the shape of a pretty good sized meatloaf.

And now back to our program in process : The mouse is on the floor... the cats are scrambling to get him.... next thing I know, Fudge is sitting under the kitchen table with the mouse in his mouth. WHAT, Fudge???? Who would have ever thought? Next step... how do I get the mouse away from him? Now the cats are in the family room, somehow I get the mouse who is still alive, away from Fudge, I put a large clear glass Pyrex bowl over the mouse and lock up the cats. With them away I'm now able to pull the rug the mouse under glass over to the patio and push him out the door.  
So I sit here and wonder mouse or no mouse??? I'm sure something is there, and all I can do it hope it's no bigger than a mouse. I trust the Moose nose, he did sniff out a mouse in the mud room at Tom's house and tossed it around like a rag doll ... Thank goodness Tom was there and took care of everything while I just stood back and let out a few girly screams ... guess I need to toughen up

Stay tuned for more on the Moose vs mouse ........


  1. Buffy is an excellent mouser too. She just swallows them whole... before I can get to her all I see is the tail going down the hole. UGH no kisses for her that night!

  2. Marianne - I am LOVE, LOVE, LOVING seeing all that you are up to in this next chapter in your life, in Maine. I hope it is everything and more of what you are looking for at this point in your life - you deserve every happiness! :-) Keep up the awesome blog and all this kick ass baking, haha!! :-)