Friday, March 1, 2013

A Maine & Pyrex beginning

 It all started with a #404 yellow nesting bowl I received from my friends mother, I've had it for years and never thought much of it , but it was always one of my favorites , it had become my "go to" bowl.
I moved to Maine about 7 months ago from Chicago in search of a simpler life .... not so rushed , a slower pace, more easy going . So I now find myself in a small town in south/western Maine in the foot hills of the White Mountains and loving it.

 I started baking.... finding the joy in making things rather than buying them off the grocery store shelves. I've always enjoyed cooking/baking , just never felt I had the time, and back in the Chicago suburbs I could get everything and anything I could want at a number of stores I drove by every day.
But now, in peaceful Maine I have found myself  wanting to have things fresh from the farm stands and many of them state "on your honor" for payment ........  I'd never seem such a thing. I have found a love for baking and sharing the treats I make.

I made fast friends with the lady who owns the antique shop next door to me and I enjoy bringing over baked goods to share along with chatting and updating her on my Pyrex finds.

I started to roam through the Goodwill store, antique shops and thrift stores. I kept running across these treasures, PYREX..... and every few trips I would find a piece that I'd never seen before...or something that brought me back to memories of my moms kitchen. And so it began... the hunt , the need to find more....  and then came the books, the internet searches and the desire for more knowledge and information on Pyrex. 

So now I search , loving every time I log a new piece into the spread sheet I created and sharing the thrill of my PYREX finds with my  wonderful new boyfriend , which I also acquired in Maine.


  1. Welcome to Maine buddy! Love the blog.

  2. Marianne, I have enjoyed following your adventures in Maine on Facebook and will continue on this awesome blog!
    Julie (Hirsch) Stephens

  3. I am happy for you Marianne!!

  4. What fun - you live next to an antique shop!!!!

    Welcome to the world of blogging - I've been blogging for nearly two years, I've "met" so many great people, it's so much fun!!

    Pyrex is the best - isn't it?? I also started out with my Mom's big yellow bowl, she also had some Colonial Mist and Autumn Harvest - I became hooked very quickly, but it's slowed down for me now - I am more choosy now and I am running out of space!!!