Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Lost Love

What do I say, where do I start... life changes lead me to Maine which to my surprise lead me to this wonderful man.

From the moment we meet we started spending all our time together . I knew how special he was from the first kiss. His love for his family, his willingness to be open with me, I see him as the kind of man we ladies all hope to find and have in our life.

He is so very handsome, so very loving, not afraid to be affectionate , he shares feelings and emotions. He holds my hand in public, looks at me with such love and wanting. Always willing to rub my back, rub my feet and loves when I do the same for him...he tells me how beautiful I am, how much he loves me, how happy he his that he found me.
He is also a man who works a hard blue collar job, he loves the outdoors from hunting and fishing to camping, hiking and kayaking. Loves to work with his hands, from wood work to house work and he can fix anything from a car to a roof.

We spend time browsing through everything from antiques shops, cooking shops, sporting and outdoor stores, yard sales to thrift stores.
He takes me on rides down long winding roads.. he shows me so much of Maine, places and things from waterfalls to fireworks from moose to fox.
We spend time in the kitchen cooking and baking and time cuddling on the couch just watching TV. We spend time as a family with his children making his favorite homemade waffles for breakfast to dinners and afternoons with us all kayaking around a lake .We laugh and joke and even disagree at times.
Over a year of this loving man in my life, talking about our future, what we want to do and where we want to be years from now. I could never have imagined my life could be this way, happy and perfect in so many ways.

One morning I woke up and like a bad dream... he's gone, he walked out the front door... he didn't leave me .... he left everything. He left his children, his family , his job, his home, his everything and we don't know why.
All he did leave are so very many questions.

So I sit here , wait and wonder , so confused, so hurt , so very heart broken.

My love, I miss you and want you home safe where you belong   XXXXXOOOOO

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