Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Broken Heart

My broken heart keeps me awake at night , keeps tears in my eyes.
I question why?
Why you??
Why me??
I try so hard to make sense of this all. We're you my destiny? Was I yours?
I believe everyone comes into our life for a reason, to love and be loved, to teach and to learn.
You showed me how wonderful love could be again, you opened my heart to love again and I loved you without boundaries.
You shared your love for the outdoors and opened up a whole new world to me and you so easily shared your love along with your love for children with me. In turn I shared my love for laughing , my love for caring for a family ,my love for you.

How lucky I was that you found me , how blessed I was to have had this past year with you.
With time my broken heart will heal again.... the pain will get easier , the tears will be controllable .
You will always be with me,  you will always have a piece of my heart , a place in my heart.

1 comment:

  1. I can never begin to say how sorry I am. Every time I try to say something to you it sounds so meaningless. I hope and pray your tears, get easier everyday