Monday, June 3, 2013

My 'First's' this weekend

Life should be full of "Firsts" if you're willing , and it doesn't have to be anything crazy.
The past few days have been above average hot in Maine this time of year ( so I'm told ), It has been in the mid 90s for the past 3 days.

We spent Saturday morning driving around and checking out a few yard sales. I found a cute little pyrex creamer and only spent 50 cents. We didn't find much more but the air was on in the car so it was nice just to ride around. 

After some work around the house in the afternooon we started to talk about what should  we do for dinner. Our first thought was Ice Cream and I was all in on that idea. But after looking through the local free paper that comes to the house every week we decide to go to a Church Supper or as they say here in Maine "Suppha". 

Church Dinners are early , this one is open from 5 to 6:30 and we got there about 5:30. We walked in, paid our $14.00 for the both of us and we were informed that we had good timing , we missed the rush that was there right when the doors opened at 5 . We went right up to the table where the food was laid out and we were handed our plates.

Dinner was stuffed chicken, potatoes, squash, and a few different salads. The chicken was amazing... I had some of the spinach salad which had fresh strawberries in it along with dried cranberries and pecans.... YUM
We had our choice of ice tea, lemonade , water or coffee to drink. There were many desserts to choose from , blueberry, apple... a few cream pies.We chatted with the ladies sitting across from us and we throughly enjoyed a wonderful meal.

As we were walking out the gentleman who was collecting the cash at the door asked how we enjoyed dinner. We let him know that everything was great ... he handed us a flyer which noted all the suppers planned for the rest of the summer and said he hoped to see us back again.
I'm looking forward to the next one in two weeks "A taste of Italy"and in August a true "Bean Suppha" 

It was a lovely evening and after a little car ride we wound up at an ice cream stand in town...with our cones in hand we went down by the lake and sat enjoying the view and the cones. 

Sunday brought the heat again and today's adventure, 'First' was an afternoon out on the lake in a kayak. We got everything loaded into the car and went down to one of the lakes by the house... about 10 minuets away. 

After being reassured that I wont tip I got in and pushed off into the lake. It was so peaceful... to be on the lake and just glide along in the water. 
I can't wait to go again.

It was another wonderful weekend in Maine ,and just so you know the weekdays are pretty darn good here too.


  1. Sounds like just about a perfect weekend!!!

  2. Okay, I am done reading all this, I will be there in about 6 months after I graduate. This is a forewarning because I want to make sure my room is ready for when I move in. <3